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Warmth is a Necessity

Louis (94) and Marilyn (86) live in a cozy lakeside cabin they purchased together in the 60s. Louis, a Veteran of the US Navy, and Marilyn, a retired registered nurse. Both career professionals, now living as most seniors do, on a fixed income. Louis came to learn about LEO’s fuel assistance program through his local senior center. When he brought the news home to Marilyn she was less interested. “I am a proud person, and believe we should all be responsible for ourselves.”

With the rising cost of fuel, and all the other personal and household line items to budget, it became clear a bit of help would ease their burden. Today, they live simply but comfortably, and they don’t make dangerous choices with how and even if to heat their home. They also feel grateful for the support. Louis offered, “Here’s what I know about fuel assistance: When the stack of bills comes, and you open one and it reads ‘PAID,’ well that is a good feeling.”

LEO prides itself on delivering this same support to individuals, families, renters, homeowners, employed, or unemployed. We serve so many, but are standing by to serve so many more. Let Louis and Marilyn serve as inspiration; a couple of satisfied clients.

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