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Today, it has become critical that we improve the physical space in which our children learn. LEO will soon merge three existing preschool sites into one centrally located building on Broad Street. Fifteen modernized classrooms will expand the impact of our programs to 270 children annually, deepening access to LEO’s distinguished preschool program. The devastating effects of the prolonged pandemic make it essential that we act immediately.

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LEO’s deep passion for the value and worth of all children is demonstrated through its investment in and focus on early childhood education.

LEO is the largest early childhood education provider in Lynn, including the Lynn Public Schools.

LEO transforms the lives of at-risk children in Lynn through an exceptional model of early childhood education.

LEO ensures that children are “school ready” in the critical domains of early childhood education. This means they are in good physical and mental health and enthusiastic about learning.

In 55 years as a nonprofit, LEO has prepared more than 10,000 preschoolers for their educational journey through the Lynn schools.

Each child in LEO’s preschool receives a range of assessments within 90 days of enrollment to develop an individualized learning plan. By the end of the program, a LEO child will be 45% better prepared than one who does not attend the program.