REMINDER: The LEO Board will meet for a training on Thursday, 11/21 at 5:00 pm in the Community Room. Thank you!

Leadership of LEO Inc.

Board of Directors

  • John Augeri
  • James Carrigan
  • Robert Eastman
  • Marilyn Foster
  • James Higgs
  • Jacqueline Gallo
  • Bridget Kimball
  • Jane Lavoie
  • James Low
  • Jay McManus
  • Diane Perez
  • Joyce M. Reen
  • Kimberly Rowe-Cummings
  • Frances Troutman
  • Pastor Posan Ung
  • Thelma Velasquez

Birgitta Damon,
Chief Executive Officer

Birgitta Damon became CEO of LEO Inc. in May 2014. Since taking the helm, she has inspired a new chapter of growth for all of LEO’s programs, streamlining and centralizing client intake and delivery of comprehensive services at LEO. Her goal is to ensure that individuals and families have access to a broad range of programs and resources that promote education and achievement, security and opportunity. She rallies community support to expand job readiness and training, leading individuals to more self-sufficient, satisfying lives.

Prior to joining the community action agency, Ms. Damon was Deputy Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (2007-2014), where she oversaw day-to-day operations of the statewide agency.

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