Early Head Start: Malak’s Success

Malak Almubarak moved from Home Based Care to Early Head Start (center-based care) in March 2017. She began EHS at one year old, weighing just 15 lbs., a weight so low that she was flagged for “failure to thrive,” falling below the 5th percentile on the growth chart. Malak rejected table food; she also refused to participate in classroom activities.

Malak is one of 43 children this year who were placed on an individual nutrition plan to address critical need for nourishment. Classroom teachers along with one of our Health Advocates worked closely with her and her family on achievable milestones, even supplementing Pediasure in the classroom during meal times. Simultaneously, EHS educators reviewed data and developed strategies to increase her classroom participation throughout the day.

Today, 8 months later, Malak is off of Pediasure and is eating all table foods. She is currently 21 lbs. and growing. Malak is also fully participating in classroom routines and activities. She has an amazing personality, is showing immense progress in language and enjoys playing with her friends in class. We look forward to watching her physical, social and emotional growth continue.

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