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Ruth on the Rise

When Ruth Ayala began Early Head Start she struggled with attendance. Her mother, Maria, frequently kept Ruth home because of stomach issues. In an effort to better care for Ruth, LEO expanded her net of support to include her teachers, a Family Service Worker and a Health Advocate. All agreed Ruth should be evaluated by a physician. A doctor put Ruth on a lactose-free diet, but that didn’t resolve her issues. Ruth’s health and attendance continued to decline; her temperament also suffered as she was frequently agitated by bloating and pain. Our Health Advocate was insistent Ruth be reevaluated by a new doctor, assisting in a referral, attending appointments with the family, even speaking on their behalf during visits. New testing revealed Ruth was both gluten and oat intolerant. Her family changed her diet at home while our dietitian and kitchen staff accommodated her diet at school. Today, Ruth is happy and healthy at our Jack Robinson Child Care Center. Her attendance is markedly improved. Recently, Maria accepted a classroom position at LEO! These are the small successes possible when all parts of our LEO teamwork in full harmony.

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